X-Ray Dog

  • Chris Field
  • Mark Griskey
  • Justin R. Durban
  • Lior Rosner
  • Inon Zur
  • Jim Crew
  • Michael Rubino
  • Mitch Lijewski
  • Bernhard Groinig
  • Tim Stithem
  • Brian Rogers
  • Juan Suarez
  • Jono Brown
  • Assaf bark
  • Alistair Cooper
  • Tom Lilly

X - Ray Dog [ eksreɪ dɒɡ ] is an American music studio in Burbank (California ), which produces music for movie trailers. The focus is on bombastic, theatrical orchestral music, often with a large choir, which mainly is used in the genres of action, adventure, fantasy and science - fiction movies. All works are not generally available on the open market, but the film industry reserved. So far appeared 61 albums.


In addition to the regular composers employed X - Ray Dog in the past, at times numerous other composers, such as Paul Gordon, Tim Davies, Randy Shams, Alistair Cooper, David Jones, David Levison, Rashid Lanie, Yvette Celi, Jason Moss, Terry Manning, Jim Suhler, Tal Bergman, Larry Seymour, Amotz Plessner, Fran Dyer, Dweezil Zappa, Dori Amarilo, Jeff Kollman, Bernhard locker, Kevin Chown, Jaco Caraco, Marko Cirkovic, Joe Magid Mina, Ricardo Belled, Michael Sandgren, Tim Isle, Rich Florio, Michael Phillip, Chris Smith, Gio Moscardino, Vincent Dininno or Barry Coffing.


Furthermore, there are two more albums with the name Dog in Heaven I & II, which represent an unofficial best of and not directly derived from X - Ray Dog.

Trailer music (excerpt)

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  • Company (Los Angeles )