Tri - Wing ®, also Triwing ( English, Chinese三 翼), alternatively斜Y型( Chinese, translated inclined Y - type) abbreviated, TW, is a standard developed by the Phillips Screw Company screw head drive. The shape is reminiscent of a propeller, its broad wings do not point to the center, as in a three -bladed wind turbine toy ( in English 3 -point pin -wheel ).

The planned areas of application are aircraft and military equipment. However, one finds the screw drive also to small electrical appliances, where he led the opening by unauthorized difficult in the form of a security screw, for example in power supply units. This application seems to no longer be accessible because suitable screwdriver in Europe since the mid-1990s are commercially available.

Meanwhile outweigh other three bladed propeller drives that come with products from Southeast Asia to Europe, see Section 'Y -type '.

The corresponding variant of the tri-wing with four wings is called Torq-Set.

Y -Type

This screw head drive called Y -Type ( English, Chinese: Y型), and Y形( Chinese, translated: Y- shaped) Tri - Point ( designation by U.S. tool manufacturer) or trigram. But he will often named in North America and Europe after the above-mentioned screw drive ' Tri - Wing'.

Under these names but fall at least two different only slightly differing variants. All have in common that make the center lines of the three wings in the center, like a three-leaf propeller. A variant has rounded corners at the point where the wings meet each other. In this it resembles in design the Phillips screw drive, but only has three wings.

There is the screw drive in various sizes for different screw diameters. Common sizes are 2.0 Y, 2.5 Y, 3.0 Y, Y 4, Y 5 and Y 6

Gladly Y -type screw drives are used in electrical devices from Southeast Asia, which are operated with 230 V ~ mains voltage, such as switches or power supply requirements. But even with laptops and their accessories are used, eg for MicroDrive drives or in the interior of the Apple Macbook Pro. You assume the function of a safety screw to impede the opening of devices. The use by Nintendo with their video game consoles, such as DS / DS Lite, Game Boy Advance / Advance SP, Wii, and Fuji film in their cameras, eg FinePix series, made the Tri - Point - screw propulsion known, because the original Tri-Wing ® screwdrivers do not fit into the small slots.

For larger screws larger Y -type screwdrivers are necessary, which are so far rarely get (as of 2014). Thus, the effect appears as a security screw still present. The smaller sizes of Tri - Wing ® could use a substitute, but then screwdriver and the screw head will be damaged when removing the screw.