Trick play

A fake in American football is (English for forgery or the illusion ) is a mistaken handoff or a pass is fake. Fakes are used as part of the attack strategy to create or exploit mistake by the defense. Fakes are different from trick plays and Misdirection Plays, as this is a part of a turn and not to take a turn and of itself.

Run Fake

A run is a Fake been deceived handoff, which is to create uncertainty on the final ball getter. The, also known as fake handoff in English Run Fake can follow both a run and a pass. The running game with a feint handoff aims to obscure the intended ball carrier to give the runner as an advantage. In attack formations with more than one running back Run a Fake trying to confuse the defense by multiple potential ball carrier. Since the run fake but does not necessarily mean a handoff, also the quarterback can keep the ball for a perfect deception and advance it.

The pass after a run fake commonly referred to as play- action. Here, the attacking team tries to work through a fake running play three advantages in the passing game. First, a fake handoff draws the attention of Defense on the alleged run, which allows the quarterback the raw urged Fit. Since the successful execution of the Run Fakes takes time, it allows secondly, the wide receiver running a long pass routes. Third, provokes the fake handoff mistake by the pass defense, which allows the pass receivers to detach from their man coverage and use uncovered spaces.

Executing the Run fake can be varied to manipulate the different types of defense. So the running game can be simulated by a rapid Keep out of the ball, which is mainly used for inducing position errors and indecision in the pass defense. Here, the quarterback keeps the defense always in view to possibly locate freewheeling pass receiver faster. The running game can also be simulated by an out holding the ball followed by averting the quarterbacks. After holding the ball out of the quarterback of the defense returns, together with the ball at the back to let the alleged act run more convincing. Since the quarterback is not held for a ball carrier, he can then freely come to pass. The resulting extra time in combination with the successful deception of Defense further allows the pass receivers, the unfunded replacement routes on the field.

Pass Fake

A passport is a fake is fake passport, the uncertainty about the date, destination, and occurrence of the passport is to create. In English, the pass is called fake because of his broken throwing motion also as a pump fake. How the Run Fake Fake may be part of both a running game and a train passing train the pass. Goal of a pass fakes is to bring the defense in a disadvantageous position in which they responded to ungeworfene passports.

Draw / Delay

A passport is simulated by the quarterback. He takes a few steps backwards, holding the ball ready to throw and looks around for free receivers are delayed but eventually but a handoff to a ball carrier or runs itself The Defense responds to the supposed pass by trying the deep spaces and the wide receiver cover. In the area around the line of scrimmage so often there are gaps. Draws / Delays works best after a series of passing trains.


Counter denote runs, in which the baking faking one direction by making a step in that direction, but then runs into another. Due to the delay in passing the so-called pull maneuvers are possible in which an offensive lineman instead of the usual straight blocks, but behind the line runs to the outside and tries to block there. Counter works best against aggressive defenses that flash often and thus storm in the wrong direction.


Traps denote runs, in which the running back faking one direction, but then runs into the other. By delaying a pull maneuvers of the Backside guards the offensive line is possible, in which the Guard is not as usual straight blocks, but running behind the line, there to block the transmitted defensive tackle. In contrast to the Counter Trap is a Laufspielzug for short distances, which focuses more in the middle. When Counter the turn outward-looking and may also provide for great space saving. Traps work best against aggressive defenses that flash often and thus storm in the wrong direction, best after a series of counter play trains or trains running play to the outside.

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