The considered Tronfjell of Savalen from

Tronfjell ( Tron only ) the name of a 1,666 m high conical mountain in the municipality Alvdal is located in the Norwegian Østerdalen. The mountain standing isolated dominates all the northern Østerdalen and offers an excellent all-round visibility, especially on the 50 km distant Rondane massif. Because of its isolated location, a 45 m high transmitter for TV Broadcasting and was set up on the mountain, and later a radar installation was built for air traffic control. For this reason, a gravel road leads about the location at about 1,200 m altitude Tronplateau called Flattron, up to the summit. This is usable by anyone, but the price and passable because of the weather only a few months a year. The western slope of the mountain is used in summer for kite flying.

The University for Peace, initiated by Swami Sri Ananda Acharya

On the slope of the hill below the Alm Tronsvangen lived from 1917 to 1945, the Indian professor of philosophy and Hindu guru Swami Sri Ananda Acharya ( 1881-1945 ), short name Baral. He was friends with the Norwegian poet and writer Arne Garborg and was in Norway known for his vision that the Tronfjell should be place for the emergence of a University for Peace. Of his followers, these plans were up to an architect design the University buildings to be built on the Tronplateau developed. Swami Sri Ananda died on Peace Day, May 8, 1945, and was buried below the summit of Tronfjells. On the Tronplateau reminds one about 4 m high stone pillar to the Guru. Metal plates with inscriptions of his teachings were mounted close to this column.

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