TSV Altenholz

The gymnastics and sports club Old wood from 1948, short TSV old wood, is a sports club from Altenholz. With almost 3,000 members, it is one of the biggest sports clubs in Schleswig -Holstein.


TSV Old wood was founded on May 21, 1948, now provides, among other badminton, football, gymnastics, handball, judo, karate, athletics, swimming, dancing, tennis, table tennis, gymnastics and volleyball as a sport.


The football department of TSV Old wood was founded on 29 June 1966. She stood within the association mostly in second place behind the handball players. In the area of ​​Kiel clubs such as the KSV Holstein Kiel and FC Kilia also VfB Kiel were located higher class. So the TSV also lost regular good youth players to the competition. It was not until the early 1990s ensured six merchants for professional structures in the Old Holzer football. They brought back several emerged from the TSV football players. Between 1991 and 1994 the TSV footballers under coach Harry Witt succeeded annual ascent, which took them from the county league on class district, district league, national league until the fifth division. This was the TSV in front of the local competitors Kilia and VfB. As a coach, Witt was hired away from his former club KSV Holstein, it took until 1997 before the football men ascended for the first time to the Oberliga Hamburg / Schleswig -Holstein. Now the power football department was specially spun & Co. KG in the TSV Old wooden football GmbH.

In the league of TSV also met directly on the KSV Holstein. The Kiel derby on 17 October 1997 brought the league Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg 4,102 viewers a new record crowd. The TSV lost with 1:3 and missed the chance to be the best football team in Kiel.

1999/2000 missed the TSV by five points the championship. For the 2000/01 season the squad was further strengthened by ex- professionals like Timo Hempel and Marco Hinz. The jump in the Regional however, was clearly missed. The TSV finished the season in tenth place, the GmbH & Co. KG was reintegrated into the rest of the club. After the twelfth place in 2002/ 03 football players were indeed saved athletic, subject, however, withdrew from the league. The sponsors had their commitment to old wood finishes after the TSV had the TuS field taken with the KSV Holstein and an agreement to leave the KSV Holstein Kiel leadership role in football. In the season 2005/ 06 TSV succeeded in rising from the Bezirksoberliga Kiel in the fifth division of Schleswig -Holstein. In 2008, the club qualified for the new Schleswig- Holstein-Liga, from which it descended again in 2010. In the season 2011/12 TSV succeeded as master of Association League Schleswig-Holstein, the rise and thus a return to the Schleswig- Holstein league.

The TSV Old wood also has a women's football section, in which the German national team Britta Carlson began her career. Today she plays for the Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg.


It is known TSV Old wood especially for his handball section. The first men's team plays in the second handball league. The biggest success was the handball players in 1975 with the rise in the Handball - Bundesliga. However, after only one season and only four wins in the season North had to descend again as Table TSV with fourteen defeats. The next five years played the TSVA in the then second-rate Regionalliga Nord and missed up in 1981 to qualify for the new Bundesliga 2, so slipped temporarily into the low ranks from.

As early as 1982, however, reached the summit in the 2nd Bundesliga. After a good start of the seventh season of the North TSV slipped in the following season off to twelfth place, and finally in 1984/85 to descend. The back in the Bundesliga TSV until eight years later in 1993. Though the TSV initially missed relegation by just three points and rose as Table of the Season North 1994 off again, but this time managed an immediate return to the 2nd Bundesliga, which he without since interruption belongs. Although the club rescued several times narrowly avoid relegation and he landed mostly on rear table ranks. But get the TSV 2003/ 04 with the seventh and 2004/ 05 with the sixth least Placements in front regions of the table.

After a total of sixteen seasons in the second Handball Bundesliga TSV Old wood is in the " Eternal table of the 2nd Bundesliga," the 20th place of some 150 second division. The TSV - handball players are involved in several records in the second handball league. Thus, in the season 2004/ 05 reach the TSV at 51:30 home win over VfL Fred Beck the most goals, each threw a handball second division in a match. At the same time this meeting was the zweittorreichste game in the history of the 2nd league and the second highest significant victory in the history of the 2nd League North. At 48:30 on the HSG Niestetal - Staufenberg in the season 2005/06 TSV Old wood also managed the second- most goals in a game the second league. The season 2007/ 08 closed old wood from the 16th place, so that the TSV would have in the play-offs. In the relegation against the HG Oftersheim / Schwetzingen they lost both games, so the TSV should start in the Regionalliga 2008/ 09 in the season. By an appeal to the Federal Court Sports of the German Handball Federation against the validity of some games of SC Magdeburg II, constituted the non- players who are eligible in these games players in the first team, the TSV but remained in the second league. The 2010/11 season ended Old wood on the 11th place, which had to descend into the 3rd league result, since in the second league since the 2011/12 season in a place as far played in two seasons. At the end of the 2012/13 season the TSV finished in second place in the 3rd League North, and increased as a result of the waiver of other potential candidates to rise to the 2nd Bundesliga.

In 1984, the male C- youth handball department succeeded in winning the German youth championship. She defeated in the final of the South German Master TV hut mountain with 18:13.

The first women's team managed to 2006/ 07 as a master of Oberliga Schleswig -Holstein promotion to the Regionalliga Nord. However, the team was relegated once again. In the 2009/10 season old wood was again champion of the league. In the subsequent rise of game for promotion to the newly created 3rd league to Old wooden successfully asserted against the Hamburg Masters SC Alstertal Long Horn.


The home games wearing the TSV old wood from the Edgar - Meschkat Hall, which has about 1,200 spectators.

Squad 2013/14

New Items 2013/14

  • Sebastian Firnhaber (THW Kiel)
  • Thies -Jakob Volquardsen (SG Flensburg- Handewitt )
  • Moritz Krieter (THW Kiel)
  • Stephan Hampel (SV None Supplied Email January 2014 )
  • Malte Voigt (SV None Supplied Email February 2014 )

Departures 2013/14

  • Christian Schwarz ( VfL Bad Schwartau )
  • Marius Kastening (HF Springe )

Well-known former players

  • Olaf Berner
  • Alexander Bommes
  • Dennis Klockmann
  • Sebastian Preiss
  • Christoph Schindler

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