Tuktoyaktuk or Tuktuyuktuk (literally "looks like a big caribou " ) is a town in Canada's Northwest Territories and the northernmost municipality in the Canadian mainland. 2006, Tuktoyaktuk 870 inhabitants.

The village lies at an altitude of about five meters above sea level. inst to the members of the Beaufort Sea Kugmallit Bay and is surrounded by a multitude of small lakes. Five kilometers west of the town lies the Pingo National Landmark.

In the winter months ( starting around Christmas) consists of the so-called Ice bridges a Eisstraßenanbindung to Inuvik. In the summer the place is practically accessible only by plane. Since 2014 all year motorable road is built, whose opening is scheduled for 2018.

The place is - especially truckers who hit him on the ice road - also called short tuk.