TV3 (Catalonia)

TV3 is the most important Catalan television station. It is operated by the Televisió de Catalunya, which belongs to CORPORACIÓ Catalana de Mitjans Audio Visuals ( CCMMA ).


The broadcasts of TV3 began a trial basis on 10 September 1983, went on 16 January 1984 in regular operation on. The station was on the Basque station ETB the second autonomous stations in Spain. TV3 early 1985 enlarged its reach to Andorra, Northern Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and the Valencian region. A year later, the station took its headquarters in Sant Joan Despi, near Barcelona in operation.

Since 1987, in addition to the Catalan TV3 radiates sound with most series and movies from the original. To this end, we first used the Zweikanaltonsystem and NICAM later.

1988 began a process of decentralization and now supports each of the four Catalan provinces with its own regional program, called Telenotícies comarques.

DVB -T was introduced in 2002 and later the 16:9 format in some programs. In addition, on 23 April 2007, a test run for HD television (HDTV), making it the first station of Spain, broadcasting in both formats.

TV3 repeated several shows on the own information on channel 3 / 24th In addition, selected programs of TV3 and other channels in the TVC will be simultaneously or in two staggered in the Catalan international television TV3CAT shown (formerly TVCi ) on Astra.

TV3 currently

TV3 is the market leader in Catalonia. One of the most watched programs include the messages ( Telenotícies ). The daily soap opera El cor de la Ciutat ( The heart of the city) is the most watched entertainment program in Catalonia, especially the female audience ( 28-33 %, in spikes of up to 40%), followed by the political satire Polònia ( 28%).

Reception in Germany

TV3 broadcasts via satellite Astra 1L at 19.2 ° East. The station was shut down on 1 May 2012.