Txakolí [ tʃako'li ], basque also Txakolin ( a), Spanish Chacolí, is a wine from the Basque Country.


It is largely made ​​from white grapes of the vine Hondarribi Zuri, but there is also a red txakolí from the grape Hondarribi Beltza. Hondarribi Zuri is related to the French grape Courbu.


It is a very dry, slightly sparkling wine with high acidity. Until the 80s, the quality of the Txakolis was very poor, so that the wine was practically drunk only in the native range. With the establishment of the first denomination of origin, however, the basis for a high-quality wine was created.

Txakolí is not a long durable wine and should be drunk within a year of bottling. He is typical of the country served in a high arc into the glasses.

Growing areas

The most important wine-growing region of Txakolis is the region around Getaria on the coast of Gipuzkoa ( Getariako Txakolina ). Other growing areas are Bizkaia ( Bizkaiko Txakolina ) and the region around Amurrio in Álava ( Arabako Txakolina ).

In and around Getaria produce 17 wineries to about 170 ha 10.000 hl.


Txakolí is drunk in the Basque Country as a rule as an aperitif in the late morning.