The letter Ú - ú lowercase letter is a letter of the Latin alphabet. He comes among other things, in Old Norse, Icelandic and Faroese in front of and applicable in these languages ​​as a separate letter. Furthermore, it is also used in the Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Spanish, Catalan and Irish.

The shape is the Ú is a U with acute.

  • 2.1 Unicode
  • HTML 2.2


In the Faroese

In Faroese is called the letter ú [ ʉu ], and is expressed as follows:

  • Short as [ ʏ ]: Kruss [ kɹʏs ː ] (mug)
  • Short as [ ɪ ] before / GM /: kúgv [ kɪgv ] (cow ), but also brúdleyp [ bɹɪdlɛip ] ( Wedding )
  • Long as the diphthong [ ʉu ]: úti [ ʉu tɪ ː ] ( out ), hús [ hʉu ː s] ( house ), jú [ jʉu ː ] ( yet )

Follow the Ú a vowel, the Gleitkonsonant [ w] is listening to: brúður [ bɹʉuwʊr ] ( bride ).

In Faroese is the Ú the 24th letter of the alphabet. He is sorted separately between U and V ... t, u, ú, v, y, ...

Prior to the publication of the Føroysk BETA 1998 the Faroese ú was filed under u. This results in word lists:

  • Formerly ull, Ulma, ur, úr, Urd ...
  • Today: ull, ur, Urd, ... uttar, Ulma, úr, ...

In Iceland

In the Icelandic Ú is pronounced as follows:

  • In short: [ u]
  • Lang: [u ː ]

In Iceland, the Ú the 25th letter of the alphabet. He is sorted separately between U and V ... t, u, ú, v, x, ...

In the Czech and Slovak

In the Czech and Slovak Ú denotes a long u, as opposed to the short u, which is written without an accent.

Example, in Slovak: Europska Unia

Display on the computer


In the international character encoding system Unicode big Ú position U 00 DA occupies, ú is on the small U 00 FA. The same position it has in the character set Latin -1.

On Windows keyboards that Ú is generated with the accent key is pressed first, and then either the large or small U.

  • Capital letter Ú: 'Shift U
  • Lowercase ú: 'U

Even the Icelandic and Faroese keyboard layout looks á for the letters ( é ), í, ó, ú, ý not have their own keys before, so that there occurs the input as described above.


In HTML, the Ú can be described with the following entities:

  • Capital letter Ú: Ú
  • Lowercase ú ú

In TeX, the Ú is reproduced as follows:

  • Capital letter Ú: \ 'U
  • Lowercase ú: \ 'u

( based on it for letters with diacritics, inter alia, see list of Latin -based alphabets )

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