Udham Singh (field hockey)

Udham Singh (* August 4, 1928 in Sansarpur, Punjab, † 23 March 2000) was an Indian hockey player. With three Olympic gold medals and one Olympic silver medal Udham Singh along with his longtime teammate Leslie Claudius the most successful hockey player Olympic history. At the same time, the two players are the most successful Indian Olympians.


Udham Singh comes from Sansarpur in the district Jalandhar. His athletic career began as a team of police of the Punjab. Udham Singh missed the Olympic Games in 1948 due to a finger injury. From 1949 to 1964 he was part of the Indian national team, initially as a striker, and later in the midfield. 1952 and 1956 he was involved in the continuation of ongoing since 1928 winning streak of the Indian team. This Olympic winning streak crack 1960, when the Indian team lost in the final against Pakistan. 1964 won the Indian team with a 1-0 final win against Pakistan again the gold medal. After this tournament Udham Singh ended his playing career. In 1965 he was awarded the highest Indian sporting award, the Arjuna Award.

After his playing career Udham Singh was the coach of the Indian national team, which he led to victory at the Asian Games in 1970, among other things for some time. Later he worked as a youth coach in Punjab.