UK Albums Chart

The UK album charts (translated album charts in the UK) is a ranking for the determination of the best selling albums on physisischer ( soundtrack) and digital ( download) level. The charts are updated weekly by the Official Charts Company ( OCC). Be notified of the charts BBC Radio 1 ( Sunday, Top 40 ), the music magazine Music Week (Top 75), and on the website of the Official Charts Company ( Top 100 ).

Needs to be considered for publication Charts fulfill several criteria: the sound recording must include more than three pieces or have a total playing time of over 20 minutes. Compilation publications, which were conducted through January 1989 in album charts are now performed in a separate ranking. Further details on the regulations can be found on the homepage of the OCC.

The first chart was published by the British music magazine Melody Maker in November 1958. The magazine published the official charts until March of the year 1960. Between 1960 and 1969 the charts were published by Record Retailer, a now-defunct music paper. In the 1970s, the publication of the charts radio was on the radio station BBC 1