Ullsfjorden ( North Sami Moskavuotna, Finnish Moskivuono ) is a fjord in the municipalities of Tromso, Lyngen and Karlsøy in Troms in Norway.

The fjord is 110 km long with respect to the records of the Kartverkets. It extends from Lyngstuva in the north to the south Sjøvassbotn. The southern part of the fjord, from Storstraumen to Sjøvassbotn is often called Bosvik. From Sjøvassbotn it is only 2.5 km to the Balsfiord. Directly north of the Storstraumen branches of the fjord arm from Kjosen and leads about twelve miles to the east, where he meets the only three km wide isthmus Lyngseidet. To the west of the fjord lies the Stuoranjarga Peninsula, to the east lies the Lyngenhalvøya ( German Lyngenhalbinsel ).