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Lyngen ( Sami Ivggu ) is the name of a municipality ( German municipality) in Troms in Northern Norway. Lyngen is eponymous for the Lyngenfjord that Lyngenhalvøya ( German Lyngenhalbinsel ) and the Lyngen Alps.

The municipality is situated on the rugged Lyngen peninsula, on the Jiekkevárri (1833 m) the highest mountain of the province (county ) Troms is in the Lyngen Alps. The Lyngen Alps are considered one of the most beautiful mountains of Scandinavia. In the summer and late winter they are often visited and used by paragliders and hang-gliders. Surrounded the peninsula from Ullsfjord the west and the Lyngenfjord in the east.

Administrative seat is the place Lyngseidet. Other settlements are Furuflaten and Svensby. The community has its own ferry shipping company that operates the routes of Lyngen after Breivikeidet in the municipality of Tromsø and after Olderdalen / Kåfjord.

The Lyngen church was built in 1731 and 1740 moved to its present location. Another notable building is the large wooden house school Solhov. It was built in 1924 to advance the Norwegianization mainly of seeds and Kven (descendants of Finnish immigrants of the 18th century ) inhabited region.