Umberto Agnelli

Umberto Agnelli ( born 1 November 1934 in Lausanne, † 27 May 2004, Turin ) was an Italian entrepreneur.


Umberto Agnelli studied law. From 1968, he led the Fiat Group's international business. 1970 to 1976 he was Fiat 's CEO. From 1980, he led the Agnelli family holding company Exor. In February 2003, Umberto Agnelli took over after the death of his brother Giovanni Agnelli the presidency at Fiat. He strove for the rehabilitation of the ailing automotive group and was able to present a more productive company in fiscal 2003. Agnelli was also politically engaged. In 1976 he was selected for the Christian Democrats in the Italian Senate.

In 1955 he took over from his brother Gianni, the Presidency of Juventus. Until 1967 he led the club successful. Like his father and brother Edoardo Gianni, Umberto also been a lifetime of dedicated followers of his team and to his death whose honorary president.

He died of cancer at the age of 69 years.