Una called:

  • (160 ) Una, Asteroid
  • Una (Bahia), city in Brazil
  • Una ( district ), administrative district of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh
  • Fake SI prefix, which is supposedly for, see the SI unit system
  • A figure out of the seal The Faerie Queene by the English poet Edmund Spenser
  • Una (river), border between Croatia and Bosnia- Herzegovina
  • The Una -Bahn, a named after the river Una railway line
  • The Rio Una river in the Brazilian State of Pernambuco
  • An ancient Egyptian official during the Old Kingdom, see Weni
  • A female first name ( Una ( first name ) ) Una McCormack, British writer
  • Una Merkel, American actress
  • Una O'Connor, Irish actress
  • Una Olsen, färörerische soccer player

Places in the United States:

  • Una (Colorado)
  • Una (California )
  • Una (Mississippi)
  • Una (South Carolina)
  • Una (Tennessee )

The acronym refers to UNA:

  • The Ukrainian National Army, an association of Ukrainian volunteers who fought on the German side against the Soviet Union
  • The former subgroup news and defense, see Swiss intelligence services
  • University of North Alabama

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