Una (Sava)

The confluence of the Una and Unac in Martin Brod

The Una (deprecated also Unna, Serbian Cyrillic Уна ) is a right tributary of the Sava River in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It rises near Donja Suvaja in Croatia on the border with Bosnia and flows into the Sava at Jasenovac. The Una is from the source ( 520 m. J. i ) to the confluence with the Save ( 94 m. J. i ) 212 km long.

The river forms over long distances, the historical and present-day border between Bosnia and Croatia. Important tributaries are the Unac which opens at Martin Brod in the Una and Sana, the flow to her in Novi Grad. Larger towns along the Una are Bihać, Bosanska Krupa, Novi Grad and Kozarska Dubica. Between Bihac and Bosanska Krupa Una flows through miles of canyons; above Bihać there are numerous rapids and waterfalls.

The Una river is full of fish with 28 different species. In addition, many other animals such as otters, mussels, crayfish, turtles and some species of birds are located.

A special feature, which is available in this form in the Una, limestone formations, Sedra are called. These are caused by the high lime content of the water and form veritable cascade. The Una is popular for canoeing and rafting tours.


With a mean discharge rate ( MQ ) of 202 m³ / s, the Una stands at the mouth behind Sava, Neretva and Drina in fourth place of the great rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its catchment area covers an area of ​​9368 km ² and lies for the most part in Bosnia, the smaller in Croatia.

The Una at Kostela in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Una at Kozarska Dubica in Republika Srpska