Jasenovac, Sisak-Moslavina County

Jasenovac is a municipality in central Croatia with 1,997 inhabitants ( 2011).


Jasenovac is located in the southern part of the Sisak - Moslavina near the confluence of the Una and Sava. Since the rivers Strug and Lonja flowed from the east side of the large Jasenovac Basin, the Sava, the whole region was ravaged by floods every spring and autumn.


Before the Second World War, Jasenovac was a large and well-developed village, whose population was predominantly Serbian. There was even before the war, some industrial enterprises, eg the brickyard Ciglara and the small Eisenwarenfabrik Loncara. In Jasenovac was during the Second World War, the largest concentration camp in South Eastern Europe, which was led by the Croatian Ustasha, the concentration camp Jasenovac. At the site of the former camp, a memorial cemetery ( cvijet serbokroatisch. or cvet ) with a memorial in the shape of a flower constructed, which was designed by the architect Bogdan Bogdanovic. Today there is the Jasenovac concentration camp memorial.