Hrvatska Kostajnica

, Often simply called Hrvatska Kostajnica Kostajnica, ( Ger. outdated Castanowitz ) is a small town in central Croatia.


It is located in the Sisak - Moslavina south of Petrinja and Sisak on the Una River, which forms the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the opposite side of the river in Bosnia ( Republika Srpska ) is the town of Bosanska Kostajnica.


The population of the municipality of Hrvatska Kostajnica of 2,756 inhabitants ( 2011 census ). The closer the urban area counts 2,127 inhabitants. The community residents describe themselves as Croats and 69.34 % to 25.04% as Serbs.

History of the name

The name derives from the alleged name " Kostanj " (chestnut, chestnut ). Former names of the town were:

Sons and daughters

  • Svetozar Boroevic Bojna, Austro- Hungarian Field Marshal