University of Vechta

The University of Vechta is a university in the Lower Saxon town of Vechta. It emerged from the former College of Education and belonged from 1973 to 1995 to the University of Osnabrück. From 1995 to 2010, she officially had the status of a " Scientific University of the State of Lower Saxony with university status ". After a change of the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act, they may also be officially named University since June 2010 now. Vechta as a study already exists with the creation of a normal school for the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg since 2 August 1830. The number of students is currently at about 3,600. The international name of the University of Vechta University of Vechta.


52.7216088.293819Koordinaten: 52 ° 43 ' 18 " N, 8 ° 17' 38" E

The University Today

The university presents itself as a small, modern campus university; two of the settled here institutes are spread throughout the city.

The focus historically in the areas of teacher education and Catholic theology. With the independence of the University of Osnabrück in 1995, several other studies have been established, including gerontology and environmental sciences.

Since October 2003, the programs have to be converted to the foreseen in the Bologna Process Bachelor-/Master-Struktur. The University began doing with the transformation of teacher education in two successive courses of study as one of the first universities in Lower Saxony with the reform of teacher education. The first graduates of the new form of teacher training received certificates in August 2007. In order for the University of Vechta was among the first universities in Germany, the graduates could say goodbye to the degree Master of Education ( M.Ed. ).

In October 2005, the University of Vechta merged with the also located at the site Catholic University of Northern Germany ( KFH ). At the same time the courses offered so far at the KFH and the courses offered at the University of Gerontology and Education in New Bachelor's and Master's programs were converted; the previous studies in the field of environmental sciences have been set.

Since the winter semester 2006/2007, the University offers the Master of Education degree program for teachers at elementary, primary and secondary schools.

In the winter semester 2007/2008 of the continuing education program began in Education early childhood. Since the winter semester 2008/ 09 the University of Vechta offers the Bachelor programs service management. More Bachelor and Master degree programs followed in the winter semester 2011/2012.

The University of Vechta is located in a major reform process. In the area of teaching and learning, these are the transition to Bachelor's and Master's programs, the expansion of service and advisory services, quality assurance measures such as the construction of a service center, online evaluation or development of study diaries to measure the student workload. In the research, the research activities are currently being collected and focused on the fields Human Development, Aging and society, as well as rural areas.

In the winter semester 2011/2012 the University introduced for the first time the possibility to apply online and to enroll.


The research priorities of the University of Vechta are based on the range of subjects of teacher education, the range of social services with the subjects gerontology, social work and service management as well as the agricultural and food economy and landscape ecology.

Since June 2010, the facility has the status and title of a university. The accompanying Authorization to obtain a PhD researcher or habilitate was nothing new for the University of Vechta: Already at the University of Vechta could put yourself in almost all subject areas to Dr. phil. or Dr. rer. nat. leave a doctorate.

The Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the Georg-August -Universität Göttingen has a branch on the campus of the University of Vechta. The branch is called the Process Engineering department in the processing industry and is housed in the building V.

In the former railway station in Essen, the University of Vechta has a branch for graduate students of the Department of Gerontology. This research and deal mainly with the demographics of the surrounding area.


The University of Vechta following courses are offered:

Bachelor's degree programs

The University of Vechta offers several six-semester Bachelor's degree programs:

  • Bachelor's degree program service management ( Bachelor of Arts)
  • Bachelor's degree in Social Work in Human Services ( Bachelor of Arts)
  • Bachelor degree Gerontology ( Bachelor of Arts)
  • Bachelor in Business and Ethics: Social Business ( Degree: Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science)
  • Bachelor's degree Combined Studies (with option for teaching ) ( Degree: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, depending on the major field of study )

With teaching option: English, Biology, Design Pedagogy / Gestaltendes works, Geography, German, History, Catholic theology, art education, mathematics, music education, politics, science and social studies ( with a reference specialist: biology, chemistry, geography, history or politics ), sports

Without teaching option: Cultural Studies, Education and Social Sciences or a combination of subjects outside of the Magisterium.

Master's degree programs

  • Master's degree program for teachers at primary, lower secondary and secondary schools (degree: Master of Education ) with emphasis on: Primary and secondary school
  • Junior high school

The duration of a Master's program is four semesters. Exceptions are the studies teaching at primary, lower secondary and secondary schools with two semesters.

Training courses

  • . Education early childhood ( four-semester, extra-occupational training course for state -recognized educator or educators with similar education, which have at least two years of professional experience, the costs for the two year course amount to 900 € per semester final. Certificate Education Scientific expert for early childhood ).

Other degree or additional qualifications

  • Catholic Church Music (. Four-semester training as a church musician in cooperation with the Episcopal Münstersche Offizialat It is intended both for students as well as external interested completion. Church music - C-Exam ).

Recording and licensing restrictions

  • Bachelor's degree programs:

The intake of new students in bachelor's degree programs is possible only in the winter semester. The last first-year students during the summer semester have been recorded in the summer term 2005. Due to the sharp increase in recent years, student numbers no freshman be included in the Summer Term. Due to the high influx of new students in the BA degree program of Social Work, which was open admission for winter term 2006 /07 and thus every candidate has been accepted on a course, this study program is restricted since the winter semester 2007 /08. In addition, (2010 ), the Cultural studies, German studies, mathematics and social studies with a numerus clausus occupied; who wants to start in the subjects of English, design education, art education, music education and sports studies, has to undergo a subject-related fitness test prior to the study. However, one can be freed with appropriate knowledge of the respective test. So is true of the subject English, that one can be freed from the aptitude test if you have the TOEFL test passed well or can demonstrate a fixed number of points in the high school diploma.

  • Master's degree programs:

The intake of new students in the master's degree programs is possible in the winter semester of each year.


Due to the small selection of courses, the University of Vechta has no faculties, but seven Institute, a trade group, and several non- institution -bound compartments. The following institutes and subjects resident at the University of Vechta:

  • Institute of Mathematics Education and Science Education in the subjects mathematics
  • Sachunterricht
  • English language and literature
  • German studies
  • History

The main task of the Institute is the research and teaching in the field.


The University has its own library on campus. It is not only members of the university are available. The initial charge for the user ID is in accordance with national regulation 5 euros. About the WebOpac, the electronic catalog of the library, searches can be made ​​online, order books and the loan period can be extended.

Since the summer semester 2006, free access to Wi-Fi is available in the library, but also on parts of the campus (part of the canteen and of the bistro ), possible. In the winter semester 2007/2008, Wi-Fi has been expanded, so that since then nearly the entire campus as well as in all the buildings of the University of the Free Internet access is available.

Partner universities

The University of Vechta partner universities worldwide. In December 2006, with the famous Berkeley University in the United States concluded a university partnership. The first African partnership in March 2008 with the St. Augustine University in Tanzania.

The International Office (formerly International Office ) is responsible for the care of foreign contacts of students and teachers.

Culture and theater

Since 1980 there is the student stage at the University of Vechta. Here several students are involved and lead every year famous plays such as the classics of Max Frisch " When the war was over " or thrillers like "10 Little Indians " by Agatha Christie in the auditorium of the University of Vechta on. In addition to the student stage, there is the high school choir.


There are three dormitories and a student housing area in Vechta, they are not by the university but by other carriers, eg Student Services Osnabrück ( dorm Sonnenkamp ) or ( students dorm Immentun ) Caritas Foundation operated. The residential park and the dorm Sonnenkamp are located in close proximity to the campus. The other two residences are within a few minutes by bike. The end of 2008 it was announced by the university that the Edith Stein College is resolved as students dorm and was purchased by the Caritas Foundation. The former residence, which was integrated into the R- building of the College, is used since the dissolution as an office building of employees of the University. Here is an overview of the latest developments in Vechta:

  • St. George's Foundation (Dorm )
  • Condominium at Sonnenkamp (Dorm )
  • St. Dominic ( students hostel )
  • Student residential park (Six student residences )

Together, the four plants 374 students place (as of June 2008). In the winter semester 2009/2010, therefore, lived almost 12% of all students in one of the dormitories Vechta.

Transport links

The University of Vechta has its own bus station " University " at the University road, which is served by the city bus line 602 hourly and regional line 600 ( Ahlhorn - Vechta - wages ). From the train station in Vechta ( about 15 min walk. ) Daytime trains every hour in the direction of Bremen and Osnabrück.

Semester and tuition fees

The feedback post at the University of Vechta is around 730 €. This consists of a tuition fee of 500 € for the state of Lower Saxony as well as contributions made to the student council (including the semester ticket for certain stretches of the North Western Railway ), the entire route network of StadtBus Vechta and administrative fees and contributions to the Student Services Osnabrück.

With the space occupied from the tuition amounts of money range is teaching and study better equipped. The money raised so far for example, was used for the construction of the student service center, a tutoring program, additional teaching positions, expanding the WLAN infrastructure, etc..


At the end of the lecture period of the winter semester 2006/2007 the University of Vechta launched a Children's University. Under the motto " Science for Kids" events for children aged eight to twelve years are offered at regular intervals.


Since 2006, the Alumni University of Vechta, whose idea is to maintain contact with former students and staff of the University of Vechta. To this end, takes place every year in July, a so-called alumnus day on the university campus, traditionally attended by a celebrity guest speaker at the. Participants in the past, Christian Pfeiffer, Franz Alt and Heinz Rudolf Kunze.

Famous people

University teacher

The following list contains a list of famous people who teach at the University of Vechta or have taught.

  • Henning Eichberg
  • Karl -Heinz Erdmann
  • Paul Franks
  • Maximilian Forschner
  • Claudia Garnier
  • Josef Giesen
  • Robert Hepp
  • Manfred Hermann
  • Nicolaus Heutger
  • Heinz Günter Holtappel
  • Bernd Ulrich Hucker
  • Friedrich Janssen
  • Friedhelm Jürgen Meier
  • Rudolf W. Keck
  • Frederick Kenkel
  • Ellen Kiel
  • Michael Konken
  • Elmar Kos
  • Joachim Kuropka
  • Wilfried furrier
  • Raimund Lachner
  • Karl Josef Lesch
  • Möhring, Matthias Hesse
  • Ingo Mose
  • Michael Nagler
  • Margarete Niggemeyer
  • Steve Pasek
  • Ortwin Peithmann
  • Silvia Pellegrini
  • Lutz Plumer
  • Peter Redeker
  • Ralph Sauer
  • Winfried Schlepphorst
  • Ernst Shomer
  • Egon mirror
  • Manfred Spieker
  • Georg Stein
  • Henry E. Weber
  • Hans -Wilhelm Windhorst
  • January V. Wirth


The following list contains a list of famous people who have completed their studies at the University of Vechta.

  • Uwe Bartels, politician ( SPD)
  • Hans Eveslage, teacher and politician ( CDU)
  • Ulrich Fox, artist
  • Rolf Heine, classical scholar
  • Thorsten Neubert - Preine, historians
  • Karl Uwe Oppermann, politician ( CDU)