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NordWestBahn GmbH ( NCA ) is a private railway company that operates rail passenger transport on main and branch lines in East and West Germany since 2000 on behalf of various PTAs. Currently the network Nordwestbahn comprises 21 lines. It is a subsidiary of Veolia Transport, Berlin, Stadtwerke Osnabrück as well as transport and water in Oldenburg. The company's headquarters is Osnabrück.

Current operating

Transport networks

Weser- Ems ( WE): Since 5 November 2000, the North Western Railway operates on behalf of the state transport company Niedersachsen ( LNVG ) the Weser -Ems in Lower Saxony network. A Europe-wide tender provides for the reallocation of this contract for December 2016.

Diesel Power East Westphalia (OWL): Since December 2013, the North Western Railway operates the diesel power on behalf of East Westphalia -purpose transport association Westfalen-Lippe, the North Hessian Transport Association and the state transport company Lower Saxony. This was advertised for a period of twelve years in two lots. The southern section won the North Western Railway, the lot north the euro rail.

The diesel power East Westphalia includes, among other things operated 2003-2013 by the North Western Railway Weser Ems - Senne - network with the lines RB67, RB74, RB75, RE82 and Rb85. RB 67 and RE 82 are part of the northern section and are now operated by the euro rail.

The line RB 85 (Paderborn - Minden wood ) was extended and replaced wood between Minden and Kreiensen the regional train of DB Regio with contract start to Kreiensen. On the line RB 84 ( Ottbergen - Göttingen ), the Northwest train runs weekdays now during the day by the hour, while the former operator DB Regio had offered only a two hour here. Once the infrastructure is built, the RB 84 is extended to Paderborn. There is provided a Flügelzugkonzept: between Paderborn and Ottbergen RB 84 and RB will run 85 combined.

Emscher Munsterland network ( EM): Since the timetable change in December 2006, the Nord West Bahn provides on behalf of the syndicates transport association Rhein- Ruhr (VRR ) and the purpose association SPNV Munsterland ( CVM ), the transport services of the Emscher Munsterland network.

Nier -Rhein- Emscher- network ( NRE): The award committee of the VRR has entrusted with the implementation of railway passenger services in the Nier -Rhein- Emscher- network under the European tender the North Western Railway. To insert 28 railcars are of type LINT 41 H.

Regio -S -Bahn Bremen / Niedersachsen ( RSBN ): The North Western Railway has won in March 2008, the tender for the Regio -S -Bahn Bremen / Lower Saxony. Against the allocation of these routes to the North Western Railway laid DB Regio initially a contradiction. DB Regio had unsuccessfully participated in the tender. She intended to compete in the event of a further tendering process with the rate unbound DB Heidekrautbahn. During the proceedings before the Higher Regional Court of Celle DB Regio, however, withdrew her petition for review back. The assignment of the S -Bahn Bremen on the North Western Railway was validly in a row in July 2008. For operation of the S -Bahn Bremen uses the North Western Railway vehicles Coradia Continental.

Weser-/Lammetalbahn (WLB ): Since 11 December 2011, the North Western Railway operates the Weser-/Lammetalbahn, which had previously been operated by the euro rail.

Rolling stock

On the lines of Weser -Ems network and Weser-/Lammetalbahn sets the NordWestBahn a railcar of type LINT 41, all of which are leased from the vehicle pool LNVG. Also in the Nier -Rhein- Emscher- power come LINT 41 used.

A further 43 railcars of type talent, mainly in three parts, to be used in the Emscher - Munsterland network and in the diesel power East Westphalia. Much of the talent railcar is in this case the property of the leasing company, Alpha Trains.

For operation of the Regio -S -Bahn Bremen / Lower Saxony, North Western Railway has procured 18 three - and five-part 17 railcars of the type Alstom Coradia Continental. These have comfort features such as 230 volt outlets as well as a family area per railcar.

Since Nordwestbahn since August 2010, three lint railcars were missing ( collision with a working train station in the money ), among others by DB Regio Talent railcars were rented. These were replaced in early 2011 by borrowed from Agilis Regio-Shuttle RS1. The Regio-Shuttle had been leased by the end of May 2011 and then returned for personal use back to Agilis.


To service the engine of the Weser -Ems network and the diesel power East Westphalia North Western Railway maintains a depot in the Osnabrück harbor. There are a total of five tracks maintenance, a car wash and a gas station are available.

Another depot built the North Western Railway in 2007 in Dorsten. This is used to maintain the engine of the Emscher Munsterland network. For the maintenance of the engine of the Nier -Rhein- Emscher- network, the workshop of the Regiobahn GmbH in Mettmann was extended to use the facilities there as a lodger.

The depot for the Regio -S -Bahn is located in the district of Bremerhaven Wulsdorf. The hall has two maintenance tracks that have an overhead line. Built next to the workshop building washer also has an overhead line, it is traversed by the train car with 1 km / h.

Customer centers

Own customer service centers operates the North Western Railway in the concourses in Osnabrück Main Station and in the Bremen Central Station. About cooperation with regional partners, the North Western Railway also offers customer contact points in Dorsten ( service kiosk at the station), in Oldenburg ( Customer VWG on Lappan and the Central Bus Station ZOB ) in Bremerhaven ( BremerhavenBus customer center at the main station ) in the station buildings the stations Bad Salzdetfurth and wood Minden ( " travel club" ).

Tickets and fares

NordWestBahn served by their lines a variety of collective spaces:

  • In North Rhine -Westphalia, the rates of traffic community Münster (Münster Country Tariff ), OWL Transport GmbH ( The Six ), Nahverkehrsverbund Paderborn- Hoexter ( pin high tariff), transport association Rhein- Ruhr, also the NRW - tariff
  • In Lower Saxony / Bremen: Transport Association Bremen / Lower Saxony, GVH - tariff ( outer rings ), Transport Community Osnabrück ( VOS plus for the railway Haller Willem with transition rate to Bielefeld, also of Lower tariff). On the Lamb Valley Railway of the combined tariff NordWestBahn / RVHi applies.

Supranational also comes the tariff of the DB used.

According to the guidelines of the respective transport contract the Northwest train tickets sells on many lines on their own machines in the train ( networks Weser -Ems, diesel power East Westphalia ) or through vending machines at the stations ( Regio -S -Bahn Bremen / Lower Saxony, Weser-/Lammetalbahn ) to the stations of the diesel power in East Westphalia and Lower Saxony at some stations in the Munsterland ( networks Nier -Rhein- Emscher Emscher- Münster ).

Local Attractions

In addition to the regular service, the North Western Railway offers a tourist offer that it sells under the " raids " brand. The range includes day and multi- day trips with trains of the Northwest train or coach to various destinations in Germany and Europe. In the foreground are traveling on the East Frisian Islands, the travel package includes each of the journey with the North Western Railway, the bus from the station to the ferry, the ferry and possibly hotel accommodation here. The distribution of trips made ​​via the website of the North Western Railway, on the Customer Nordwestbahn in Bremen and Osnabrück or via the " ramble " switch Nordwestbahn mobility in the center of the Stadtwerke Osnabrück Osnabrück at Neumarkt.