Stadtwerke Oberhausen

Peter Klunk, Werner Over Kamp

Stadtwerke Oberhausen GmbH ( until 31 December 2012 Stadtwerke Oberhausen AG ), short STOAG is a public transport company in Oberhausen. The STOAG is a member of the transport association Rhein- Ruhr.



The bus and rail fleet of STOAG. Is Listed by year of construction. (Updated: April 6, 2014)

Line overview

The line list contains the lines of the Stadtwerke Oberhausen also lines of neighboring businesses that operate in the city Oberhausen and no community lines. (As of June 9, 2013)

Express bus and tram lines

Line 112 runs every 10 minutes and between Oberhausen Neumarkt and Landwehr every 20 minutes between Oberhausen and Mülheim Landwehr Kaiser Platz. In the rush hour in the morning 6-8 clock line OLGA - Park 112 runs between Mülheim and Oberhausen imperial court every 10 minutes.

City ​​lines

Night Express lines

Legend: 1 as a subcontractor for the STOAG 2 as a subcontractor for the Vestische 3 as subcontractors for DVG 4 as a subcontractor for DB Bahn - Rheinlandbus ( BVR) 5 as a subcontractor for the MVG 6 as a subcontractor for the NIAG 7 line is closed during the summer holidays 8 as a subcontractor for the EVAG

Source: STOAG city Oberhausen Timetable 2013/14