Uqaylid Dynasty

The Uqailiden (Arabic عقيليون, DMG ʿ Uqailiyūn ) were an Arab dynasty in Al- Jazeera (today's northern Syria and northern Iraq ) that reigned 990-1096.

With the decline of Hamdanids of Mosul, the Arab tribe of Banu Uqail gained increasing power in northern Iraq and captured 992 under Abu Dhawwad ( 990-996 ) Mosul. Although he was initially unable to hold its own against the Buyids, but his brother Mukallad (996-1000) reached its recognition as governor of Mosul.

In order to consolidate the Principality further, Qarwasch (1000-1050) imputed to 1010 times the formal suzerainty of the Fatimids of Egypt. 1040/1041 was a marauding group of Oghuz be beaten after they had already Mosul looted and destroyed.

Under Abu al - Makarim Muslim (1050-1085) the empire reached its greatest extent. At times, Baghdad was dominated and subjected to northern Syria. 1079 Aleppo was conquered. With the death of Abu al - Makarim Muslim fighting the Seljuks the rapid decline of the empire began until the Uqailiden 1096 were finally driven out of Mosul.

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