Us3 is a British jazz - rap band, founded in London in 1991.

The band mixed in the context of sampling especially jazz pieces of the American Blue Note label with hip- hop elements.

Which appeared in January 1993 Single Cantaloop with elements of Herbie Hancock - Cantaloupe Iceland particular piece ( dated June 1964) was an international success. The creative head of the band, Geoff Wilkinson, had obtained access to the archives of Blue Note Records, and get permission to build from the old Mehrspurtonbändern samples. The result can be heard on both the single " Cantaloop " as well as published in the 1994 CD Hand on the Torch.

Wilkinson has mixed for Cantaloop both parts of an original Birdland announcement Pee Wee Marquette on 21 February 1954 as well as parts of the piano part of Herbie Hancock's recording from 1964 as a sample. Combined with newly recorded instrumentals, rap passages and drum -and- bass sounds from the computer this results in a jazz -influenced mix. In the German-speaking area of the title was also sold as The Song of Manhattan because he Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG has been used in advertising for the food - ice cream flavor Manhattan Schoeller.

Band members

Geoff Wilkinson flocking claims to always other band members around, so that the formation occurs in ever new constellations personnel since its foundation in 1991. The founding members included, in addition Wilkinson

  • Kobie Powell
  • Mel Simpson
  • Rahsaan Kelly
  • Tukka Yoot


  • Cantaloop (1992 ) EP
  • Hand on the Torch (1993 )
  • Tukka Yoot 's Riddim (1994 ), EP
  • I got it goin 'on (1994 ), EP
  • Broadway & 52nd (1997)
  • Flip Fantasia: Hits and remixes (1999)
  • An ordinary day in a unusual place (2001)
  • The Ultimate Hand on the Torch (2003)
  • Questions ( 2004)
  • Schizophonic (2006)
  • Say What (2007)
  • Stop. Think. Run. (2009)
  • Lie, Cheat & Steal (2011)
  • Hand on the torch (2013 )