Ute Christensen

Ute Christensen ( born December 21, 1955 in Neubrandenburg; native Ute Schernau ) is a German actress.

According to the medium maturity, they visited three and a half years of drama school Rostock 1974 and received an engagement at the National Theatre Rostock. It held Brecht evenings and worked in some films.

In the trunk of the car of her boyfriend and later husband Alain Christensen 1975, she fled to the West. She held her first in Paris in 1976 and settled down in the Federal Republic. Stage roles they led in the late 1970s at the State Theatre Hannover and at the Theater Aachen.

She has been involved during the 1980s in several films and television productions, but made ​​something rare from the 1990s. She was going to see, inter alia, in several episodes of The Old Man and Derrick. She starred in the multi-part teleplay death of a student, in which she took on the role of the girlfriend. Christensen has also in the television series I'm marrying a family played. In Pan Tau - The film took over the role of mother.

In the Tatort episode Peggy Fear (1983 ) with Hannelore Elsner has had Ute Christensen murder on the phone play, in which only her screams could be heard from the phone handset. The whole thing seemed so "real" that some viewers after the broadcast at that time SWF, who produced the scene, called me and said, as if someone on the phone really suffering had been inflicted in order to produce such cries of pain can.

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