Uta- napišti ( Uta- napischti, Utnapishtim ) is the chosen hero in the first and eleventh panel of the Sumerian- Babylonian flood story in the Gilgamesh epic, which in 1200 revised the last time Sin - leqe - unninni BC.

The name Uta- napišti is based on the Sumerian Ziusudra, meaning " I have found my life." It is also called " Extremely Weiser, son of Ubar - Tutu ". After the Great Flood Uta- napišti arrived with his wife at the decision of the gods Council on an island " in the distance ", which is why he also appears in the first panel of the Gilgamesh epic called " Uta- napišti, the distance ". " ' A human was previously Utnapištim; same henceforth Utnapištim us gods, and his wife! " You should stay away on the currents mouth.


The Noah story of the Bible shows similarities with Utnapishtim and the Atrahasis epic.

Although the people are not historically occupied, a temporal coincidence of the Flood narratives is given approximately. The traditional Jewish genealogy of Genesis has for Noah in the time before the middle of the 3rd millennium BC, while Utnapishtim some generations before Gilgamesh (c. 2700 BC. ) Must be applied.