The volcano is located in the southwest of Bolivia Uturuncu near the Argentine border. The nearest town is Quetena Chico. The main peak has an altitude of 6008 meters, the secondary peak is 5930 meters high. A road leads zoom to around 600 meters to the summit, the climb has no technical difficulties. Due to the unfavorable situation in the remote Cordillera de Lípez the Uturuncu is rarely climbed despite its simple scalability.

The Uturuncu is not completely extinct volcano mountain, scattered fumaroles and sulfur rocks clearly show a still existing volcanic activity. The last eruption is about 300,000 years ago. Recent findings suggest that it is the Uturuncu to a candidate for a strong eruption ( 6 or higher on the Vulkanexplosivitätsindex ) is up to the super volcano that has increased in activity towards the end of the twentieth century. Radar images show that the volcano raises by up to two inches per year in a radius of 70 kilometers. In addition, increasingly smaller earthquakes are registered, which also indicate an intrusion of magma into a reservoir within 15 to 20 kilometers deep.