Uyandina River


Course of Ujandina ( Уяндина ) in the catchment area of the Indigirka

The Ujandina (Russian Уяндина ) is a left tributary of the Indigirka in the Republic of Sakha ( Yakutia) in eastern Siberia (Russia).

The Ujandina arises at the confluence of Irgitschjan and Baky. First flowing south into the mountains and turns later to the east. In the lower reaches, the Ujandina on countless rivers, tributaries. They reached the lowlands in the Ulus Abyj and ends after 586 km on the left into the Indigirka. The Ujandina drains an area of 41,000 km ². From October to the end of May Ujandina is usually covered with ice. Between June and early September the river is flooding.