Indigirka River

The Indigirka in Ust- Nera

Catchment area of ​​the Indigirka

The Indigirka (Russian Индигирка; Yakut Индигир, Indigir ) is a 1726 km long river in the Republic of Sakha ( Yakutia) in the Russian Far East.

With its source river Chastach it is 1977 km long. It rises in the Ulus Oymyakon, then flows through the Ulusse Moma and Abyj and ends in the Ulus Allaicha into the Arctic Ocean.


The Indigirka arises from the headwaters Chastach and Taryn Jurjach which arise in the Chankankamm Suntar Chajata. First, the river turns to the north to flow through the highlands of Oymyakon Oymyakon and the Tscherskigebirge, which is traversed in a narrow, long and tortuous transverse valley. After leaving the Tscherskigebirges the Indigirka passed the Arctic Circle and then reaches the Momagebirge, which she wraps around the northwest. There she enters the wide Jana Indigirka lowland ( western part of the East Siberian lowlands ), in which it forms a about 5500 km ² large estuary in the East Siberian Sea.

The largest tributaries are right Nera, Moma and Badjaricha, from left Elgi, Selennjach, Ujandina, Allaicha and Bjorjoljoch.

The Indigirka is navigable in the middle reaches to Ust- Nera, above the reach of rapids to break through the Tscherskigebirge for smaller vessels. North of the Tscherskigebirges it is navigable from the confluence of the Moma to the mouth.


The landscape at the Indigirka is dominated by the boreal forests of the taiga, which passes towards the coast in the forest-tundra and tundra.

History and Adventure

The Indigirka has traveled twice on its entire route by a team led by A. Glushkov in kayaks. In the rapids in Tscherskigebirge drowned in the 1930s, the crews of two canoes. The route Ust- Nera to Belaya Gora sailed in 2003 with a folding kayak Alexander and Barbara Cancer Gehlen.

The river is named for a salad of frozen fish.