Green Pug ( Chloroclystis v -ata )

The Green Pug ( Chloroclystis v -ata ) is a butterfly (moth ) from the family of the tensioner ( Geometridae ).

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The moths reach a wingspan of 14-19 millimeters. The wings have a green base color and on the front wings is a V-shaped black mark to find, which is part of a transverse line. The hind wings are gray to white and darker towards the outside. Characteristic is also the resting position, in which the wings are either half as butterflies to top or be placed close over the body. The thorax is also green and fitted top with a black drawing. The green color fades pretty quickly after hatching of the moth.

The caterpillars are only about 16 millimeters long and are colored differently, with primary colors such as green, gray, brown or reddish brown occur. On the back are black, triangular drawings, but may be absent. The caterpillar of green flowers tensioner similar to those of other species, so that it can be difficult to determine safe.

Flight time

It makes two generations per year, which overlap partially. The moths fly from April to June and from July to August at dusk and in the dark. At light sources we can see them regularly in small numbers. In case of unfavorable climatic conditions such as in the north of England and Scotland only one generation makes its appearance.


The Green Pug is spread from Europe to Asia and Japan. The moths are found in damp places, in warm areas and in gardens.

Way of life

To the caterpillar food plants include oregano (Origanum vulgare), Clematis (Clematis spp.), Elderberry (Sambucus spp.), Blackberry (Rubus spp.), Where the animals feed mainly on the flowers. The pupae of the second generation overwinter in the soil.