V Put

"W Put ' " (Russian в путь on German about: forward ) is a Russian soldier and fight song.


The song was written in 1954 by the Soviet composer Vasily Pavlovich Solovyov - Sedoi and the poet Mikhail Dudin. Originally it was written for the film Much Ado About Maxim, which in 1955 was released in theaters. The song quickly gained fame and soon found its way into the fundus of the popular Soviet Estrada - Pop music; 1959 gave Vasily Solovyov - Sedoi a Lenin Prize. W Put ' is still on Victory Day, May 9, as sung at other military holidays in Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine and other former Soviet Union.


The vierstrophige song calls for the soldiers in the chorus on, to march forward ( Солдаты, в путь, в путь, в путь ... ), commemorating this at the regimental flag, which shows them the way. A long road lies ahead of them and every warrior is a brave guy, the glory in the battle will win.