Vallentuna is a town in the Swedish province of Stockholm County and the historic province of Uppland. It is the seat of administration of municipal Vallentuna. For Tätort Vallentuna also Täby kyrkby heard in the neighboring municipality of Täby with 8021 inhabitants in an area of 388 hectares ( 2010).


The medieval stone church was built Vallentuna the late 12th century. After a lightning strike in 1856, the church burned down, but was quickly rebuilt. The church bells hung to 1832 in a separate wooden belfry. They melted in the fire in 1856, Bronze in 1857 but new bells were cast. In the church is an organ with 22 registers from the year 1959. 2002 also inaugurated a choir organ with 15 registers. The two organs are connected electronically, so that all the registers of both organs can be played by the manuals / pedals one of the two organs. Worth seeing is the altar cross from the 1760s, which survived the fire.

Sons and daughters of the town


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  • Place in Stockholm County
  • Community Vallentuna
  • Täby municipality