Varronianus (son of Jovian)

Varronian ( Flavius ​​Varronianus; * 363 ) was the son of the Roman Emperor Jovian and his wife Charito.

Varronian came in the same year his grandfather to the world, who had held the office of comes Pannoniae. After Jovian had begun its successor as emperor after the death of Julian in the Orient, he appointed on the march back to the west on 1 January in Ancyra his newborn son next to him as consul of the year 364 The boy also received the title nobilissimus puer, making him as future Caesar and heir -designate. However, Jovian died on 17 February 364, thus establishing a new dynasty had failed.

Varronian and his mother survived until probably the reign of Theodosius I.. Emperor Valens was the boy allegedly eye out to make sure that this would never attain the imperial dignity.


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