Vasa or Wasa stands for:

  • The Swedish-Polish ruling dynasty, see Wasa ( Dynasty)
  • A named after the family in Finland and Vaasa today
  • Vasa (ship), a Swedish sailing ship from the 17th century
  • In the Roman state cult container for the sacred objects of fetiales, see Sagmina
  • Wasa Lake, a lake in British Columbia, Canada
  • Wasa (British Columbia), a village in British Columbia, Canada
  • Wasa ( drive name)
  • Wasa ( people ), a people in Ghana
  • Wasa ( language ), the language
  • Vasa, a Swedish research station in Antarctica
  • Wasabröd, a manufacturer of crisp bread
  • One of the peoples in JRR Tolkien's works, see figures in Tolkien's world # Wasa or Drúedain ( DRU- people )
  • Vasa ( Developmental Biology ), universal Keimbahndeterminante in animals

Vasa or Wasa is the surname of the following persons:

  • Carola of Vasa -Holstein -Gottorp (1833-1907), German nobles, Queen of Saxony
  • Katharina Vasa (1539-1610) (1539-1610), Countess of Ostfriesland (1599-1610)
  • Katharina Vasa (1584-1638), Countess Palatine of Pfalz- Zweibrücken - Kleeburg
  • Pashko Vasa (1825-1892), Albanian writer and politician
  • Robert Francis Vasa ( born 1951 ), American Roman Catholic bishop
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