VB Vágur

VAGS Bóltfelag ( "Ball Club of Vágur " ), abbreviated as VB, also known as VB Vágur, is a handball club based in Vágur on the island Suðuroy belonging to Denmark Faroe Islands. The former football division merged in 2005 with SÍ Sumba, operating since 2010 as FC Suðuroy.

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On June 5, 1905, young people met in the club ( Klubbin ) of Vágur to a meeting. Many of them had been abroad and had seen how the people there operate different sports. They all agreed that football for them is most interesting. That was probably also the fact that in 1892 and 1904 TB Tvøroyri HB Tórshavn and KÍ Klaksvík were founded.

The new club was awarded the Danish name Vaag Sportsforening. The first board consisted of the chairman Daniel Thomsen, vice Peter Dahl and treasurer Magnus P. Jacobsen.

On 8 June 1910, the club got its first jerseys. They were blue with a yellow ball on the chest, on the VS stood. Such jersey then cost only 2.75 crowns. A football field did not exist and so they played on the beach. On 12 June 1910, there the first game between TB and VB Tvøroyri Vágur.

On November 2, 1924, decided to create a football field vesturi á Eiði to build on the west coast of the Isthmus of Vágur. On June 2, 1925 VB got red and blue jerseys and white pants. The combination red / white is still used today. On June 24, 1926 playing the HB Tórshavn for the first time in Vágur, and on 24 July 1927, the first game of VB in Tórshavn was held. On 13 July 1930, the VB was the first time in Klaksvík guest. KÍ denied the return game on June 8th the same year.

Already on August 18, 1929 played the selection of Shetland against VB and won 3:1. Only a year later, there was the first " international game " between the Faroe Islands and Shetland. Even if the VB had to suffer, that the young men usually went to the lake, it turned VB from the start player for the country selection of the Faroe Islands in the games against Iceland and Shetland.

In 1948, next to the football field vesturi á Eiði also a handball court. The handball players were at least as successful at the national level as a footballer.

1994 merged the football division of the VB with the SÍ Sumba, but already in the following year, the partners parted again. In 2005, the football departments of both clubs united again, the handball division occurs, however, continue on as VB Vágur.


The women's team was able to win three league titles, the first one did 1950. The Cup final was reached a total of eight times. After 1991, the final was lost 11:12 against Skala ÍF, 1993 could be achieved against Stjørnan Klaksvík 21:13 with the first victory. The finals in 2000 and 2001 were lost with 21:22 against Kyndil Tórshavn respectively with 18:31 against Vestmanna ÍF. The revenge and hence the second Cup win was in 2003 with 19:18, the same year, the second league title and thus the double could be celebrated. 2004 defeated the team in the Cup final again Stjørnan Klaksvík with 19:20, but in 2005 the third league title was won. 2007 and 2012 failed VB Vágur again in the Cup Final at Stjørnan Klaksvík with 28:31 or 23:27 with.

The men, however, are still Titellos and occupied in 2012 in the third division in fourth place.


  • 3 × Faroese champions ( women): 1950, 2003, 2005
  • 2 × Faroese Cup Winners' Cup ( Women ): 1993, 2003


The crew of the men took from 1943 regularly at the Faroese Cup finals and in 1947 was also a founding member of the Meistaradeildin. 1951, 1953-55 and 1960-65 but was waived participation. By 1981, the team first division belonged to, then they remained five years in the second division. After Between 1987 and again in 1993 major league football could be offered, the 1994 team finished in first place in the second division and subsequently merged with the fifth-placed the second division, SÍ Sumba. This fusion as Sumba / VB was after a last place in the first division but only one year. Up to 2004, VB Vágur held in the first league in 2005 finally re- merger with SÍ Sumba under the name VB / Sumba was decided. Since 2010, the football department operates under the name FC Suðuroy.


  • Egill Steinthorsson (1988 )
  • Palle Larsen ( 1989)
  • Tommy Christiansen ( 1990)
  • Jóannes Jakobsen (1991-1992)
  • Egill Steinthorsson (1993 )
  • Tomislav Sivic (1996 )
  • Milan Milanovic (1997-1998)
  • Krzysztof Popczynski (1998-2001)
  • Dragan Kovacevic (2002)
  • Marek Wierzbicki (2002)
  • Predrag Zivkovic (2003)
  • Hans Nielsen ( 2004)

Known player

It lists all the players who have completed ten or more games for the national team.

  • Jóannes Jakobsen (1991-1992)
  • January Allan Müller (1989-1992, 1997)
  • Símun Eiler Samuelsen (2001-2002, 2004)
  • A. Pól Thorsteinsson (1991-1997)

Achievements / records

European Cup statistics

Women's Soccer

The women's team of VB Vágur first played in 1990 in the first Deild. In 1992 the team in the cup final, subject, however, there Skala ÍF 1-2. After the 1993 season and the runner-up title, she withdrew from the first division. From 1999 to 2001 VB Vágur played for the last time top notch and retreated again. In 2005, the institution merged with SÍ Sumba to VB / Sumba.

Achievements / records