Double (association football)

As the Double winning two major titles in the same season or in a timely competitions is referred to in the sport. The most often used the term sports teams for winning the national championship and the national cup competition.

Timely profit of three important title is called Triple.

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Doubles in football


In German football is to be understood as a double of winning the German soccer championship and the DFB Cup in the same year. In the GDR, the term football for winning the East German football championship and the fdgb Cup was used in the same year. Before the First World War by the German Football Association (DFB) and German academics Bund ( ASB) has been played in the years 1911 to 1913 the German academics Championship. Also, there were two double winners: 1912 Holstein Kiel and 1913 the VfB Leipzig.

Record in the men 's double winners FC Bayern München with nine doubles, with the women of the 1st FFC Frankfurt was six times successfully.


In the Austrian Men's Football FK Austria Wien been reached ten times, six times SK Rapid Wien, SK Admira Vienna four times, FC Tirol three times, the FC Red Bull Salzburg, Graz AK, LASK Linz, SK Sturm Graz and SC Wacker Wien ever once the double. For women, the SV Neulengbach ten times, the USC Landhaus Vienna and Linz Union Kleinmuenchen managed four times each the Double.


In Switzerland, the Grasshopper Club Zurich eight, five and FC Basel FC La Chaux- de-Fonds and Lausanne-Sports reached two doubles. Servette FC Genève, FC Sion, the obtained Young Boys Bern and FC Zurich each a double.

Other European countries

In some European football leagues, a double is much more common, because here is dominated by two or three teams. How about in Scotland, where Rangers total of 17 times and 13 times the Celtic Double reached. In many countries, there is also the cup competition round-trip games. As a rule, this rule helps the higher-class teams, as a one-time mistake can be corrected.

Other countries

European Double

The European Double consists of winning the highest European competition, the UEFA Champions League and winning the national championship.


1 as part of the Triple 2 as part of the Quadruple

Other European Doubles

In some cases, the combination of mastery and a European Cup or the combination with national Cup and a European Cup is called a double.

Double by national teams

Also winning the Continental Cup and the World Cup is called a double.

Brazil (2005 ) and France ( 2001) also have won the Confederations Cup, which they reached all three official trophies that can hold a men's national soccer team at the same time. This is also called triple.

Also winning the World Cup is referred to as player and coach than double. Previously this was only two athletes:

1 Mario Zagallo, Brazil: 1958 and 1962 as a player, 1970 as coach

2 Franz Beckenbauer, Germany: 1974 as a player, 1990 as coach

Doubles in other sports


A possible Double athletics is the short sprint double, consisting of winning the 100 - and 200 - m title at nationals.

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