1984–85 in English football

The Football League First Division in 1984/85 was the 86th season of the Football League First Division as the highest English football league. It began on August 25, 1984 and ended on 28 May 1985. Everton won with thirteen points distance to city rivals and defending champions FC Liverpool now his eighth championship. Close behind is placed with the same number of points Liverpool Tottenham Hotspur and a further point adrift of the new FA Cup winners Manchester United. All three team FC Chelsea, Sheffield Wednesday and Newcastle United were able to keep the class. Instead, had to Norwich City, Stoke City Sunderland AFC and the transition to the Second Division compete. This was offset by the three newly promoted second division Manchester City, Oxford United and Birmingham City for the following season.

A total of 473 players were used, with Arsenal and Liverpool with 18 the least and Stoke City or Luton Town 26 mustered the most players in league games. 103 newcomers were offset by 95 footballers who most recently came into play in the 1984/85 season.

Final Table

Results Table

In the left column of the home teams are listed.

Top scorers

The champion team of Everton FC

In the following list, all players were listed who came for Everton FC in a league game for use during the 1984/85 season. It must be noted that in most cases a minimum number of games will be provided in English football to accept the official champion medal allowed. As regards the specific arrangements prior to the introduction of the Premier League, there is lack of clarity, all the players with an asterisk (*) have been provided which have received no champion medal presumably because of their small contribution. In brackets the number of bets as well as the goals achieved are called.

Ian Atkins * (6/1 ) | John Bailey ( 15/0 ) | Paul Bracewell (37/ 2) | Terry Curran * (8/ 0 ) | Jason Danskin * (1/0 ) | Andy Gray (26/ 9) | Alan Harper ( 12/0 ) | Adrian Heath (17/ 11) | Darren Hughes * ( 2/0 ) | John Morrissey * (1/0 ) | Derek Mountfield ( 37/10 ) | Darren Oldroyd * (1/0 ) | Kevin Ratcliffe (40/ 0 ) | Peter Reid ( 36/2 ) | Kevin Richardson (15/ 4) | Neill Rimmer * (1/0 ) | Graeme Sharp (36/ 21) | Kevin Sheedy (29/ 11) | Neville Southall (42/ 0 ) | Steven Trevor (40/ 12) | Gary Stevens (37/ 3) | Pat Van Den Hauwe (31/ 0 ) | Robert Wakenshaw * ( 2/0 ) | Derek Walsh * (1 / 0 ) | Paul Wilkinson * (5 /2).

Important events

  • When Champion Clubs' Cup final between Juventus and Liverpool in Brussels Heysel disaster struck. 39 (mostly Italian fans ) were trampled to death. After this tragedy, English clubs were excluded for five years from all European club competitions. The Liverpool FC should even be able to compete for the 1991/92 season only returned to the UEFA Cup.
  • In addition to the championship, FC Everton secured in the same year with a 3-1 triumph over the Austrian representatives Rapid Vienna the European Cup Winners' Cup.
  • Norwich City was the first team that won the League Cup in a year and in the same year relegation from the English top flight.
  • Peter Reid and Neville Southall on Everton were chosen among the best players of the year. Best Young Player of the Year was the Welshman Mark Hughes of Manchester United.