1892–93 Football League

The Football League First Division 1892/93 was the 5th season of the Football League First Division English as the highest football league. It began on September 3, 1892, ended on 17 April 1893 was the first season that after the introduction of a second league was not only Football League Football League First Division but. The AFC Sunderland defended last year's title and won with eleven points behind Preston North End before the second English championship in the club's history. All three newly promoted Nottingham Forest in the previous year, Newton Heath and The Wednesday could get the class. In the second class, however, had to descend Second Division Notts County and Accrington FC, ​​with Accrington then completely withdrew from the match operation of the Football League. These two teams should be in the following season and replaced by Sheffield United FC Darwen.

A total of 331 players were used, with the Sunderland AFC, the least and the Everton 29 15 aufboten with the most players in league games. 134 newcomers were offset by 122 footballers who most recently came into play in the 1892/93 season.

Final Table

Results Table

In the left column of the home teams are listed.

Top scorers

The champion team from the AFC Sunderland

In the following list, all players were listed who came for the Sunderland AFC in a league game for use during the 1892/93 season. It must be noted that in most cases a minimum number of games will be provided in English football to accept the official champion medal allowed. As regards the specific control before the introduction of the Premier League, there is lack of clarity, all the players with an asterisk (*) have been provided which have received no champion medal presumably because of their small contribution. In brackets the number of bets as well as the goals achieved are called.

John Auld (27/ 0 ) | Johnny Campbell (27/ 30) | Ned Doig (30/ 0 ) | Billy Dunlop * (5/ 0 ) | Will Gibson ( 30/3 ) | James Gillespie (23/ 12) | John Gillespie * (5/ 0 ) | John Harvey (21/ 5) | David Hannah (20/ 4) | Jimmy Hannah (28/ 19) | Jimmy Millar (22/ 13) | Tom Porteous (30/ 0 ) | John Scott (10/ 5) | Robert Smellie (23/ 0 ) | Hughie Wilson (29/ 8).

  • Coach: Tom Watson

" Friendlies "

Before automatic promotion and relegation rule between the first-class First Division and the second-rate Second Division for the first time reached the end of the 1898/99 season to potential climbers from the Second Division in play-off same had to prove " friendlies ". Also a part in the game mode was dependent on a voting procedure of the League Association, who had to decide on a possible participation of an association. Also in the 1892/93 season there were friendlies between the three lowest ranked first division club Notts County, FC Accrington and Newton Heath, as well as the best second division club Small Heath, Sheffield United and FC Darwen, from which Newton Heath, Sheffield United and FC Darwen as the sporting emerged winner and then secured in each case the majority of the votes of the League Association.

Special events

  • Joe Butcher shot on November 19, 1892 for Wolverhampton Wanderers against FC Accrington five goals.