VBK - Raduga (Russian Радуга for rainbow ) is the name of unmanned return capsules that were used for the return transport of material from the Russian Mir space station to Earth. They were taken on board the Progress M- transport spacecraft to Mir. To return Raduga was installed instead of the coupling probe before Progress left the station. After the descent of the transporter to an altitude of about 120 km to 125 km, the capsule was ejected and returned independently of this hanging on a parachute back to earth.

The Radugakapsel is 1.5 m long and has a diameter of 60 cm. The empty weight is 350 kg. You can bring back up to about 150 kg of luggage to the ground. With Raduga on board, the maximum payload of Progress minus 100 kg.

The ESA is currently investigating a similar system, called PARES, which is to be used in combination with the Automated Transfer Vehicle.

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