The Vectrix Corporation is a manufacturer of electric scooter.

General / History

The company Vectrix Corporation was originally founded in 1996 in the United States. The company's headquarters was located in Rhode Iceland (USA). The aim was to create a commercial technology platform for zero emission vehicles, which were demanded by the CARB legislation in California by the manufacturers. 2007 all-electric scooter Vectrix VX -1 was presented.

The Vectrix Sp Z.o.o. in Wroclaw / Poland made ​​the scooter. Due to its features and performance (110 km / h to 80 km range ) marked the vehicle, the upper peak power for electric scooters. The Vectrix Corporation was ³ the time the only, thus leading manufacturer of electrical Premium scooters in the performance class 125 cm. Even in direct comparison with the years developed models with internal combustion engine only stayed two significant criticisms: the lower range and the significantly higher purchase price.

The Vectrix Corporation founded business subsidiaries and distributors in many countries, for example:

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • USA

The Vectrix was founded in Berlin on 27 September 2007 Germany GmbH ( German general importer ) adopted on 1 March 2008 on their activities. On Wednesday, 15 July 2009, the Vectrix Corporation announced the commencement of insolvency proceedings. The Vectrix Corporation at that time had about 200 employees, 225 distributors worldwide, and sold over 2000 vehicles (2008) and already established itself as a leader in the market. The Vectrix Germany GmbH and the Vectrix Poland Sp.Zo.o. (Production company) were not affected by the insolvency.

On 24 November 2009 the insolvent Vectrix Corporation announced the full acquisition by GP Batteries International Limited, one of the world's largest battery manufacturer, is known. For the assumption, based in Hong Kong and Singapore Gold Peak Group established a subsidiary, the New Vectrix LLC, which was renamed in Vectrix Corporation after the acquisition again. All shares are managed by the EVB Technology Limited ( Hong Kong) by GP.

The production of the Vectrix VX -1 recognized was continued at the plant in Wroclaw ( Poland). Parallel Vectrix developed a new product family. In addition to a facelift and battery technical development of the VX -1, a reasonable alternative for the 50 cc class was developed, the Vectrix VX -2. Since 2011, the new models are on the market.

Wesley Lau, Head of Strategy and Special Projects at GP and the new President of Vectrix Corporation said: " Vectrix is the leading brand in the electric bicycle industry, based on a powerful product and a good positioning on the market. We also want to maintain this position in the future with our customers and the full capabilities of electric mobility with further innovations. "

Although already at the EICMA in Milan in 2007, the electric motorcycle study " Vectrix Superbike SBK " with a top speed of 200 km / h have not went into production, the concept was pursued and 2012 presented again.