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Vejen is a place in southwestern Jutland (Denmark). He is Verwaltunggsitz the Vejen municipality with 42,700 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013).

From the north of the old Military Road ( Ox Road ) runs through the town and is set in two places under protection.

Niels Hansen Jacobsen / Vejens Art Museum

In Vejens Art Museum there is a representative collection of paintings including works by LA Ring, Vilhelm Hammershøi, Sigurd Swane, Olaf Rude, Jens Søndergaard, Asger Jorn and others.

However, focus is the work of sculptor Niels Hansen Jacobsen.

Further sculptures of him there in public places: On the fountain square is the landmark Vejens " devil Christian blood smells ", the center of the group. Another one of the famous characters, " Militarism " is situated in a park.

Additional points of interest

Stone tombs in the hills of Klebæk Bække and rune stones before Bække Church and the Church Læborg.

Twin Cities

Until 2010, there was a partnership with the German fronds but was terminated from Vejen on 12 October 2010 by local representatives.

Personalities who have worked on site

  • Niels Hansen Jacobsen, (1861 - 1941) sculptor