Vermilion Bird

The Red Bird (Chinese朱雀, Pinyin Zhū Què, Cantonese zyu1 zoek3 ), also called " Red Bird of the South" (南方 朱雀), is one of the four symbols of the Chinese constellations, which are also known as the "Miracle Pets ". He stands for the south and the summer. The Red Bird (the characters mean more accurate, " Cinnabar Red Sparrow / hemp bird" ) is often compared to the phoenix, but has nothing directly to do with it. Also, he is not to be confused with Fenghuang.

He is also in Japan as Suzaku or Shujaku in Korea as Ju - jak ( 주작 ) and known in Vietnam as Chu Tuoc.

The seven homes Red Bird

In Chinese astrology, each of the four symbols are assigned to seven houses. For red bird houses include the following:

  • Source (井, Jǐng )
  • Earth Spirit (鬼, guǐ )
  • Willow (柳, Liǔ )
  • Star (星, XING )
  • Net cast (张Zhang )
  • Wings (翼, yi)
  • Cars (轸, Zhen )