Very Important Person

Very Important Person (abbreviated VIP or VIP, VIPs plural ) is a person of special privileges due to their social status or importance is attached to.

Examples of VIPs, celebrities, heads of state and heads of government, major employers, high rollers, politicians, high-ranking officers, wealthy individuals or other notable persons receiving special treatment. In services, the special treatment is often referred to as VIP service in today's parlance.


The term "VIP", which appeared in the aviation field, is emerged in the circle of Russian émigrés in the 30s of the 20th century. For the most part there were aristocrats who had partially lost their former high status while living in exile in France and in England. In 1927 tickets on line " Paris - London » advertised with " wiesima imenitaja persona " in the Paris newspaper of the Russian diaspora. In a certain sense these promotional step was successful and the term "VIP" has spread the circle of Russian-speaking emigration.


A preferred treatment that is granted regardless of a person only against additional payment is often sold under the name VIP service. Luxurious versions of articles are highlighted by the advertising as a VIP models. VIP shopping is a marketing tool of the retail sector, are addressed with the special customers.

In aviation, business aircraft are marketed with VIP amenities and VIP flight attendant. In an aircraft, copy, its inner configuration is particularly spacious and comfortable, is spoken by a VVIP model for " Very, very important persons".