Hifi on helical scan

30-45 minutes ( NTSC).

Double Barrel length

In the LP mode

Video Home System Compact ( VHS -C) is a smaller cartridge format for the VHS. It was developed by JVC in order to build smaller camcorders, since the conventional cassette format it was too bulky. The new video tape format was presented in 1983 together with the first camcorder from JVC. The magnetic tape is 12.7mm wide as that of a conventional VHS cassette with a mechanical adapter to fit the VHS-C cassettes in regular VHS VCR. There are S -VHS analog and S- VHS -C in the same design, but with the higher quality, suitable for S- VHS recordings magnetic tape.

Cassette size

A VHS-C cassette is narrower than a standard audio cassette, about the same height and twice as thick. In terms of volume, the VHS - C cassette takes about a quarter (28 percent) of a VHS tape.


The procedures and technical data correspond to those of VHS or S- VHS.


The VHS -C was predominantly used in simpler, inexpensive camcorders for use in the home where he acquired within a short time right now. VHS -C and the competition format video 8 were for many years the only affordable for home use camcorder formats.

With the introduction of Hi8 camcorder and digital systems such as DV VHS -C was gradually ousted from the market and ekes today only a shadowy existence. Although VHS-C cassettes are still available new, VHS-C camcorder, however, offered little more for some years.

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