Vimalamitra ( Tib: bi ma la mi tra, also: dri med bshes gnyen ) is a Buddhist teacher of the 8th century and one of the largest Indian scholars of his time was known.

Vimalamitra was a pupil of the tantric master Buddhaguhya. Later, he was also a pupil of the Dzogchen master Sri Singha and then also a student of Jnanasutra. Both transmitted to him the teachings of Dzogchen. Vimalamitra was in the eighth century in addition to Padmasambhava and Vairocana is of great importance for the transmission of Buddhist teachings and in particular the Dzogchen teachings to Tibet. It is therefore venerated especially in the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. One of his most important teachings dealt with the innermost essence ( Tib.: snying thig, Nyingthik ) of the Dzogchen teachings. These have since as Vima - Nyingthik (Tib. ma bi snying thig ) is known. At the end of his time in Tibet Vimalamitra went to his Master Sri Singha following to China (Tang Dynasty ) to Mount Wu Tai Shan.