Jnanasutra ( Tib. ye shes mdo ) was a living in India in the seventh / eighth century Buddhist master, who came from a family of a lower caste. He was a pupil of Vimalamitra, who transferred him some Dzogchen teachings. Dzogchen is one of the highest teachings of Vajrayana. Together with Vimalamitra he became a pupil of the great Dzogchen master Sri Singha. From him Jnanasutra received the full transmission of the Dzogchen teachings ( Great Perfection ), which he had received transmitted by Garab Dorje. Since Jnanasutra as a student at Sri Singha longer learned as a Vimalamitra Jnanasutra was later a teacher of Vimalamitra. Jnanasutra was next to Padmasambhava and Vairocana Vimalamitra, all learned in Sri Singha, the only one who was not involved in the transmission of Dzogchen in Tibet.

Jnanasutra devoted his life long meditation in seclusion and, according to tradition, have acquired later the so-called rainbow body, a level of realization, in which the physical body dissolves at the time of death entrance into light.

Yeshe De

Jnanasutra called Yeshe De ( Tib. ye shes sde; 8th-9th century. ), A Nyingmapa. He was after Tarthang Tulku (1980 ) a leading ' translator ' ( Tib: lotsawa ) the first wave of translation of Sanskrit and Tibetan by one of the 25 main disciples of Padmasambhava. Other spellings: Zhang Yeshe De ( Tib. ཞང་ཡེ་ཤེས་སྡེ, zhang ye shes sde ), Shang Yeshe De Nanam (Tib. zhang sna nam ye shes sde ).