VL stands for:

  • Air Via, a Bulgarian airline ( IATA code )
  • Eagle Air ( Iceland ), former Icelandic airline ( IATA code )
  • Forbidden love, a daily soap of the television station ARD
  • United Liberal, a left-liberal faction in the Hamburg citizenship 1906-1919
  • United Left (1976 ), a socialist party in Germany 1976-1981
  • United Left (1989 ), a leftist group in the GDR from 1989
  • Association of Aviation, a professional association
  • Author Dictionary of German literature of the Middle Ages
  • Traffic control, see transport line
  • Vermögenswirksame performance, agreed by collective agreement or contract of employment by monetary payment by the employer
  • Experimenter in experimental psychology someone who ( through ) out an experiment or forwarded ( to )
  • VL Kotka, a two-seat biplane Finnish
  • VL Myrsky, a Finnish fighter aircraft in World War II
  • VL Car Company, a former German automobile manufacturer
  • Lecture, one lesson at a university
  • Laos after the ICAO code

VL as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • Albania: Vlora district ( discontinued)
  • Germany: Landkreis Villingen ( discontinued)
  • UK: Worcester
  • Moldova: Rajon Vulcanesti ( discontinued)
  • Netherlands: trucks with a weight up to 3,5 t
  • Norway: Trondheim in the province of Sør-Trøndelag
  • Austria: the district of Villach -Land
  • Romania: Circle Vâlcea
  • Serbia: Vlasotince
  • Slovakia: export number plates (yellow Features: second group of letters )

V. L. stands for:

  • Pivitsheide VL, a district of Detmold in the Lippe district of North Rhine -Westphalia
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