Vossloh G1700 BB

The locomotive Vossloh G 1700-2 BB is a diesel hydraulic locomotive Vossloh Locomotives GmbH. Their wheel arrangement is B = B '. It has an output of 1,500 kW or optional 1,700 kW and reaches a maximum speed of 100 km / h Depending on the equipment variant, it brings it to a service weight of 80 t to 90 t. They reached a starting tractive effort of 291 kN at 90 t operating weight. Your tank has a capacity of 4,400 l

The G 1700-2 BB is in heavy shunting and service use and is a completely new development based on the most recently referred to as "G 1700 BB" MaK G 1206. It is approved in nine European countries.

The largest single purchaser of G 1700-2 BB in Germany is the ports and freight Köln AG ( HGK ), which has lost five machines. But this is only a locomotive in stock. In Germany, the locomotives are referred to as series 277. The Swiss Federal Railways ( SBB), driving on the left designed G 1700-2 BB in a series of 73 specimens as Class On 843 In addition, three identical locomotives went to the BLS AG and Sersa. The Swiss specimens have this because of the link traffic in the Swiss rail network a wrong cab.


In addition to the built for the SBB Cargo, BLS and Sersa Am 843 30 more machines are in use, of which the following table gives an overview.


SBB Am 843 in Basel the Passenger Division

BLS Am 843 in Lalden

Lok 009 Kosovo Railways

Lok Mak BB 1700 COMSA Rail Transport