VPS stands for:

  • Vaasan Palloseura, a Finnish football club
  • Vapor phase soldering, of Engl. Vapor Phase Soldering, see reflow soldering
  • Eglin Air Force Base, a base of the United States Air Force in Florida as an IATA Code
  • Vacuum plasma spray process, a thermal coating process, plasma spraying, see
  • Valproic acid, a chemical compound selected from the group of carboxylic acids
  • Variable Print Specification, description language for full-color digital print jobs
  • Association of Professional Speakers
  • Hard-wired control, even hard-wired control
  • Traffic Peine- Salzgitter, a non- federally owned railway
  • Vertical Profiling System, sea shuttle for measuring data
  • Video Programming System, a system for precisely timed recording from the TV with VCR
  • Vietnamese Society of Professional eV, the German section of the worldwide organization of the Vietnamese Professionals Society VPS
  • Virtual Post Office
  • Virtual Private Server, see the Virtual Machine and Server
  • VPS movie entertainment, a German video and DVD business
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