Television program

A television broadcast is a group of thematically or editorial related moving images, the broadcast of television channels via antenna or satellite, and with the aid of appropriate reception equipment ( satellite receiver, TV tuner, broadband cable system (cable television) and more recently DVB-T decoder can be received ) and played back on a TV or another monitor or recorded by a video recorder.

1929 beaming the BBC from the first television broadcast. As oldest still in the program broadcast applies Meet The Press, started in 1945 on the radio, and two years later, in 1947, transferred to the television by the NBC.

TV channels can be live, ie almost simultaneously with the recording of the images, or transmitted deferred basis as recorded program.

Live broadcasts are usually the daily newscasts, shows or sporting events. Most other programs are recorded.


TV programs can be divided into the following genres or formats:

  • Call-in contests
  • Documentation Docudrama (mixture of documentary and feature film )
  • Docusoaps ( Reality soaps ), documentary -like series of everyday life without professional actors and low journalistic share
  • Reality TV ( for example, Big Brother )
  • TV dramas
  • Family series