VR Class Sr1

The Sr1 series is the oldest Finnish electric locomotive. The former Finnish State Railways VR - Yhtymä ordered in 1973 in the Soviet Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Factory 110 series machines Sr1. The electrical equipment came from the Finnish company Oy Strömberg AB ( now ABB ).

The first locomotive (No. 3001 ) met on 4 September 1973 in Finland, which last (No. 3110 ) in 1984. Was built in 1993 Hyvinkään Konepaja of spare parts, the locomotive No. 3111. Two years later, made ​​in Novocherkassk prototype No. 3000 was built ready for operation and classified as No. 3112 in Finland VR at Hyvinkään Konepaja. Because of their origin carry the 112 locomotives of this series nicknamed Siperian Susi ( German: Wolf of Siberia). The term, however, does not fit entirely because Novocherkassk is not in Siberia, but in southern Russia.

On 31 December 2001 or 110 machines in use. The Sr1 3048 retired after an accident Jokela on April 21, 1996 the stock from which Sr1 3089 followed on 6 March 1998 after an accident of Jyväskylä.

The maximum speed of Sr1 was initially 140 km / h, but was increased from locomotive with the number 3098 to 160 km / hr. Already in the 1980s, the top speed of locomotive No. 3040 and 3041 was raised for experimental purposes, to 160 km / hr. As of 2003, the top speed was again reduced to 140 km / h as the modified gear ratio meant sacrificing traction. In July 2006, the locomotive No. 3107 for 160 km / h was only admitted.

After initial teething continuously flowed improvements in the production, which made a very reliable engine from the Sr1. With 110 copies, it is numerically the largest electric locomotive class in Finland and forms the backbone of electric train.